How best to contribute to the modernisation of an education system?

What can an externally financed education project achieve in shaping the evolving trajectory of a system as complex as national education?

It is the question that frames much of the debate about the third EU-funded project “Support to the education sector in Turkmenistan” from 2016 to 2020.

It stated objectives is to contribute to the modernisation of the education system by introducing modern standards and programs that meet international standards of education and are based on the needs of the country’s labour market.

The project covers strategic planning, institutional capacity building and management schools. There are more than 30 activities, ranging from the development of educational programmes and methodologies to teacher training to school management and the digitalisation of education.

Resources are 5060 expert work-days and Incidental expenditures to cover the costs of training.

More information about the project is available at the project’s snapshot and the Terms of Reference. A consortium implements the project lead by European Profiles S.A.

We are proud of our team of international and local experts.

Executive summaries of the Inception Report, the First Progress Report, the Second Progress Report, the Third Progress Report, the Fourth Progress Report and the Fifth Progress Report provide information on how the project advances.

The project sponsors are the European taxpayers. They have the right to know how their money is spent. To meet such legitim demands, we report about our activities to the broader public in a transparent manner and offer insights gained, lessons learnt, and experience accumulated.

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