How best to contribute to the modernisation of an education system?

It is the overwhelming question of this third EU project “Support to the Education Sector in Turkmenistan”.

This third EU-financed project in Turkmenistan’s education sector aims to further support the government of Turkmenistan in the “creation of a modern education system in line with international educational standards and labour market needs”.

The project covers strategic planning, institutional capacity development, and school management. There are more than 30 activities under implementation, from developing educational programs to further qualification of teachers to school management.

Resources are four Key Experts, Non-Key Experts, both Senior and Junior, and incidentals.

For more information, go to “About US” and find out more on the Task, the Consortium, the Team on site, the current Work Plan and the project’s Learning management system.

How to ensure value for money?

The project’s sponsors, European taxpayers, have a legitimate right to be informed how resources are spent.

We intend to work transparent and offer our approach and implementation strategy to public scrutiny. We publish reports, insights gained, and lessons learnt.


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