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The Internationaler Bund (IB)
Our vision: Strengthening Being Human
Since its foundation in 1949, the IB has been committed to helping people. Shortly after the end of the war countless young people were orphaned, uprooted and unemployed. Many of them had never gone to school and had no future prospects. The Internationaler Bund (IB) for Cultural and Social Work, as it was called at the time, set itself the goal of supporting young people.

The core message of the IB has not changed since then. At the IB we are committed to people regardless of their background, social rank or past experiences. The IB is committed to the sustainable ,holistic and long-term development of the human being. Each and every person is considered to be an enrichment and an important part of society. In its mission statement and vision of mankind, the IB tries to eliminate any barrier in the life of both the individual and society and to grant everyone the right to develop freely, to take responsibility and to participate actively in the development of society. Our vision: Strengthening Being Human.


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Pearson is a global UK based learning company with over 40,000 employees worldwide focused on working to help people of all ages to make measureable progress in their lives through learning. Every day our educational services and resources help people around the world to grow their knowledge, develop their skills, and realize their potential. Our success is founded on working with education stakeholders to deliver innovative products, technology, and services that respond to challenges in education and help improve student achievement.

Pearson is an expert in curriculum development and operates the largest accredited qualifications awarding body in the UK. The Edexcel and BTEC brands are hallmarks for internationally recognised qualifications and are delivered in over 80 countries worldwide.

Pearson has develop over 5000 vocational qualifications from entry level through to post-graduate at Level 7 aligned to the national qualification frameworks in the UK, Europe and other leading nations. Every year, Pearson awards over 1 million vocational qualification in 85 countries worldwide and operates a rigorous and comprehensive quality assurance system to ensure quality standards are maintained at the institutes, which deliver Pearson qualifications.

Pearson has significant experience in the direct delivery of vocational education and owns a private University College in South Africa  which teaches 13,800 students across 13 sites.

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Dzirnavu street 42-27
Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
 Tel.: +371 2 6436555

European Projects Management Ltd – EPM (SIA Eiropas Projektu Vadība) is a Latvia based Consultancy Company providing services in various areas related to the EU external assistance projects and EU structural funds projects in Latvia, including ESF and ERDF projects. EPM is managed by high-level professionals, who have worked in the central institutions dealing with Latvia’s EU integration – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, EU Affairs Committee of the Latvian Parliament, European Integration Bureau, EU Information Centre of the Parliament, during the periods before Latvia’s accession, during Latvia’s accession negotiations and after Latvia’s accession to the EU. EPM experts have been involved in various IPA, ENPI, TACIS, UNDP, USAID and bi-lateral assistance projects in Macedonia, Croatia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, related to the policy advice, social service and social inclusion, Vocational Education, Employment and Civil Service reforms, as well as grant management.

EPM is working closely with the Government on Latvia institutions – such as ministries and agencies. EPM is cooperating also with the central institutions which are the main institutions in Latvia in the area of Education – Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia, the National Centre for Education Content and the State Education Development Agency. Both agencies are “supporting entities” to our consortium for in this particular project. The organisation of experience-exchange programmes, study visits, internships and trainings in Latvia is one of the strong competences of EPM. These programmes usually organized in cooperation with the Latvian state institutions – Ministries (including Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Government agencies (including NCE and SEDA) and the Parliament, thus giving additional value for such activities – building links between the Latvian and beneficiary countries’ administrations.