Our Team

Meet the Team.

These are the people who make the project, support our participants and ensure the smooth operation of the ship every day.

Everyone who works on the project interacts with our participants on a regular basis. We make every effort to ensure that every employee receives the freedom, tools, trust and support necessary to achieve the best results in their career. We all like to share what we learn. You can find us sharing your ideas at conferences, training’s, seminars and in our project office.

KEY EXPERTS:         

Stefan Siewert

Team Leader, Key expert/Capacity Development

Tel.: +993 62880213 Тел.: +993 64064096
E-mail: siewert@email.de

Dimitrios Vassiliou

Key Expert-Labor Market

Тел.: +993 61968962
E-mail: vasdim58@gmail.com



Maral Abaeva

Tel.: +993 64064096
E-mail: maral.abaeva2017@gmail.com

Gulistan Bekniyazova

Office Assistant

Тел.: +993 65807024
E-mail: gbek64@mail.ru

Durdy Babylov

IT Expert

Tel.: +993 65092828
E-mail: durdy.babylov@gmail.com


Guvanch Charyev

IT Expert

Тел.: +993 63760919
E-mail: guvanchmohammet@gmail.com




Dimitrios Bakolas

President of  European Profiles S.A.

E-mail: dbak@europeanprofiles.gr


Aspasia Mioteri

Project Manager, European Profiles S.A.

E-mail: amioteri@europeanprofiles.gr