Further Education 
Innovative Methods of Teaching  
Innovative Methods of Teaching I
Seminar Snapshot
Innovative Methods of Teaching IISeminarSnapshot
Innovative Methods of Teaching IIISeminarSnapshot
Modern Trends in Education 
Modern Trends in Education I SeminarSnapshot
Modern Trends in Education IISeminarSnapshot
Leadership and School Management 
Leadership and School Management ISeminarSnapshot
Leadership and School Management IISeminarSnapshot
Leadership and School Management IIISeminarSnapshot
Seminars on International Finance standards
International Finance standards I
International Finance standards IISeminarSnapshot
International Finance standards IIISeminarSnapshot
Introduction to International Finance Reporting Standarts  SeminarSnapshot
ICT seminars 
Digital Content Development ISeminarSnapshot
Digital Content Development IISeminarSnapshot
Digital Content Development IIISeminarSnapshot
Basics of Modern Computer Technologies ISeminarSnapshot
Basics of Modern Computer Technologies IISeminarSnapshot
Basics of Modern Computer Technologies IIISeminarSnapshot
Introduction to web developmentSeminarSnapshot
Certified Pearson Master Training Course for English School Teachers  
Module One, Two and ThreeSeminarSnapshot
Dissemination eventSeminar
Other seminars 
EU Entrepreneurship Competence Framework
Teaching English as a Foreign languageSeminarSnapshot
Bilingual School network “MITRA”SeminarSnapshot
Introduction to e-School   SeminarSnapshot
Functional Analysis, Concept Development & Digitalisation 
Concept Development 
Career Guidance: Relevance of EU experience for TurkmenistanConceptSnapshot
Steering Committees, Conferences, Study Tours & Lectures 
Series of Lectures Trends of World EconomyLecturesSnapshot
Project Steering Committee 
First Steering Committee
Second Steering CommitteeMeetingSnapshot
Third Steering CommitteeMeetingSnapshot
Fourth Steering CommitteeMeetingSnapshot
Fifth Steering CommitteeMeetingSnapshot
Sixth Steering Committee MeetingSnapshot
Study Tours 
Riga, LatviaStudy TourSnapshot
Nur-Sultan, KazakhstanStudy TourSnapshot
Riga, LatviaStudy TourSnapshot
Training Materials Development and Course Update 
Introduction to RoboticsCourse updateSnapshot
International cooperation in AgricultureCourse updateSnapshot
Skills development for poultry feed productionCourse updateSnapshot