Further Education
Innovative Methods of Teaching
Innovative Methods of Teaching I
Innovative Methods of Teaching IISeminar
Innovative Methods of Teaching IIISeminar
Modern Trends in Education
Modern Trends in Education I Seminar
Modern Trends in Education IISeminar
Leadership and School Management
Leadership and School Management ISeminar
Leadership and School Management IISeminar
Leadership and School Management IIISeminar
Strategic seminars
Strategic Seminar ISeminar
Strategic Seminar IISeminar
Strategic Seminar IIISeminar
Strategic Seminar IV  (planned)Seminar
Seminars on International Finance standards
International Finance standards I
International Finance standards IISeminar
International Finance standards IIISeminar
ICT seminars
Introduction to LMS “Moodle”
Digital Content Development ISeminar
Digital Content Development IISeminar
Digital Content Development IIISeminar
Basics of Modern Computer Technologies ISeminar
Basics of Modern Computer Technologies IISeminar
Basics of Modern Computer Technologies IIISeminar
Basics of Modern Computer Technologies IVSeminar
Introduction to web developmentSeminar
Basics of IT and digital transformation (planned)Seminar
Workshops with ETF
International cooperation and capacity building
Policy Dialogue: Lessons learnt from the EUSeminar
Certified Pearson Master Training Course for English School Teachers
Module One, Two and ThreeSeminar
Dissemination eventSeminar
Other seminars
EU Entrepreneurship Competence Framework
Teaching English as a Foreign languageSeminar
Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher EducationSeminar
Education modernization: The case of KazakhstanSeminar
Transition to Bachelor – Master system in Higher EducationSeminar
Bilingual School network “MITRA”Seminar
Functional Analysis, Concept Development & Digitalisation
Functional Analysis
Humanitarian Universities
English School TeachingAnalysis
Concept Development
Designing a Website for the Ministry of Education
Quality Assurance in Higher EducationConcept
Career Guidance: Relevance of EU experience for TurkmenistanConcept
Digital Content Development (planned)Concept
Capacity Creation Learning Management System (planned)Concept
Steering Committees, Conferences, Study Tours & Lectures
Lectures TMIES
Lectures Humanitarian UniversityLectures
Project Steering Committee
First Steering Committee
Second Steering CommitteeMeeting
Third Steering CommitteeMeeting
Fourth Steering CommitteeMeeting
Fifth Steering CommitteeMeeting
Sixth Steering Committee (planned)Meeting
Introduction to EU digital competencies
“Education and Sport in the Prosperous Epoch of the Powerful State” – 2018Conference
Conference NIS, Nursultan, Kazakhstan  (planned)Conference
Study Tours
Germany, Belgium, Poland
Study Tour
Riga, LatviaStudy Tour
Nur-Sultan, KazakhstanStudy Tour
Athens, Greece (planned)Study Tour
Training Materials Development and Course Update
Agricultural College: “Geodesy and Cartography”
Course update
Construction College: “Introducing international accountancy and financial reporting standards for construction sector”Course update
School Nr. 60: Use of innovative games in primary classes.Course update
Specialised Secondary School Nr. 29: “Introducing the Common European Framework of References for Languages”Course update
Textile College: “Dyeing in the textile Industry”Course update
Tourism College: “Standard and Content Development for multilingual tour guides.”Course update
Agricultural University: Poultry Feed (planned)Course update
Textile College: Skills development on ecology for the textile industry (planned)Course update
Introduction to Robotics (planned)Course update
E-Commerce Capacity Building for SMEs (planned)Course update
Construction College: Introduction International Accountancy and Financial Reporting Standards (planned)Course update
Preschool education: Integrated arts (planned)Course update