Project Information


Project Brief

Project Title:      “Support to the Education Sector in Turkmenistan”

Contract no.:     ACA/2016/376-657

Project no.          EuropeAid/136701/DH/SER/TM

Country:              Turkmenistan

Duration:            16 October 2016 to 30 September 2020

Overall objective

To further support the Government of Turkmenistan in the creation of a modern education system in line with international educational standards.


The purpose of this contract is to contribute to the on-going education reform process by facilitating the introduction of educational standards and adapting professional education programmes to labour market needs.

Results to be achieved

Component 1 – Strategic planning – institutional capacity building 

– The planning, implementation and monitoring capacity of the overall reform of education and professional education is strengthened through better collaboration of relevant stakeholders.

– The existing education strategy is reviewed and adopted and follows international standards. A closer dialogue with the labour environment is established with the creation of sector councils.

Component 2 – Program development – delivery of general and vocational education 

Sub-component 1 – General Secondary Education

– The content of general secondary education is revised taking into consideration the European Reference Framework for key competencies and staff, teachers and managers are ready to implement the new content.

Sub-component 2 – Vocational Education

– The qualifications offered in selected sectors of vocational education and for identified job profiles are reviewed on the basis of modern criteria with the support of trained staff, teachers and managers. New curricula are developed in line with the identified qualifications.

Sub-component 3 – School Management

– Maintenance of stable experience exchange between schools is provided through the establishment of a national school community platform. School management capacities are established by enhanced best international management practices.

– The current situation in cooperation between VET schools, local administration and enterprises is analysed and proposals for innovative approaches in an extended cooperation, emphasizing labour market demands, made and implemented.

More detailed information you can find at the project’s Terms of Reference


General information about the project

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Activities in pilot schools

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