Knowledge and skills to ignite creativity: A seminar on Digital Content Creation at NIET

July 2, 2019 | Category : News

The National Institute of Education of Turkmenistan, with organisational and financial support from the European Union project “Support for the Education System in Turkmenistan”, organised a seminar on the development of digital content as a contribution to the national concept of digitization of education, which was published in September 2018.

From 24 June to 15 July 2019, ninety teachers from vocational training institutions spent five days each in three phases familiarizing themselves with new digital tools, authoring tools, platforms, approaches and forms of teaching to enrich their daily teaching practice.

Umid Dzhanbekov, a certified Turkmen trainer, explains: “Education is undergoing dramatic change. The new educational formula that guides education is knowledge, skills and creativity. The change in focus on creativity, agility and innovation is profound. In fact, it is our task to use knowledge, skills and abilities to develop creativity and new ways of doing things that fit the context and needs.”

Participants are actively involved, use a variety of multimedia tools and hope that such a learning opportunity would be permanently available.

In the first week the best participant was Ms. Gurbanmuhammedova Tavus. From left to right: Byashimov Bayram Director NIET, Andrej Skopov Trainer, Ms Gurbanmuhammedova Tavus, Teacher at TVET school , Janbekov Umid Trainer.

Work in small teams and use of the walls to visualize issues of concern