Learner’s feedback from first week of NIS workshops

January 13, 2020 | Category : News

ASHGABAT, TURKMENISTAN, 13 January 2020. From 6 to 10 January 2020, the National Education Institute of Turkmenistan hosts two seminars, implemented by Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools JSC Kazakhstan (NIS) and organized by the EU project “Support of the Turkmenistan Education System”. Three certified trainers from the Kazakh Center for Pedagogical Skills taught 56 school teachers on “Study of Teacher’s Practice” and “Assessment of Educational Achievements on the Basis of Criteria”.

We provide their feedback below:

Kakadzhikova Bairambibi, a history teacher of the city’s secondary school number 3. Khazar, Balkan province:

It is the first time I participate in an interactive seminar. I am impressed by the way the trainers present the material. For them, the main ‘actors’ are us, the listeners, and we have to transfer this approach to the learning process in the school. It is an entirely new phenomenon for me that student plays the leading role in the learning process, and we, the teachers, provide guidance, advice and facilitate their learning process. I am fascinated by new opportunities.

Annaurbanov Parakhat, English teacher at secondary school No. 32 in the Sakarchaga district, Mary region:

“I still have limited work experience. It is, therefore, crucial for me to participate in further education. During the summer, I had already to participate in a seminar organized by the EU project. It was useful and provided a lot of input for my daily teaching.

In this seminar, I learnt about a new perspective and way to understand teaching: how to evaluate a student’s knowledge not only by a grade but also by the depth of the knowledge acquired. It involves assessing yourself, your work and your ability to provide needed information to the child.

I am convinced that such an approach fits our age of an increasing pace of change and innovation.

Jamilya Geldieva, Russian teacher at the Technical School of Foreign Languages in Bairamali, Mary Region:

One should not forget that we have the responsibility to educate a new generation for an unknown future who will work for the well-being of our people and the country.

The new methods, programs, and approaches, introduced by international experts, force us to be creative and to get maximal results from each lesson.

We received handouts that are quite useful for our daily teaching. It helps to achieve our learning objectives. Indeed, during the seminar, I only familiarized with new approaches. However, with the submitted training materials, I gained a much better and deeper understanding. I am very eager to put my new knowledge into practice to see the results.

I think that such events should be held as often as possible, especially for young teachers.

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