The second round of NIS workshops 13 – 17 January 2020

January 23, 2020 | Category : News

ASHGABAT, TURKMENISTAN, 13 January 2020. From 13 to 17 January 2020, we continued the series of seminars, hosted by the National Education Institute of Turkmenistan hosts two seminars and implemented by Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools JSC Kazakhstan (NIS).

Below we provide feedback from participants.

Odebayev Khaitbai, a teacher at Lyceum No. 4, Ashkhabad:

Today, we understand that we must not only keep up with the times but instead go one step ahead.

We are preparing children of the future, which is changing before our eyes. It is the number one task of each teacher to be able to orientate, improve and acquire new knowledge and skills quickly.

During the lessons, we not only learn a lot about the methods of teaching, getting feedback from the student but how to assess the student’s knowledge. This means, above all, that we evaluate our ability to transmit learning material. We had skilfully organised group sessions and an intensive sharing of experience and perception with other teachers.

Such events should be held as often as possible, preferably regularly.

Saparov Ovezmurat, a teacher at lyceum No. 9 at Baldumsazi district of Dashkhovuz rayon:

Cooperation between “teacher-learner” and “learner – teacher” helps to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of both. Awareness of this makes teachers think about how to improve their professional qualities to enhance the learning process. Seminars of this kind are a great help and, I would say, a necessary factor in professional development.

There are weaker, middle and stronger learners in every class. How to transfer them from one category to another to balance knowledge is not an easy task. Coaches from Kazakhstan use new methods. They showed what we need to do in the learning process. As participants and learners ourselves, we also have different experiences and knowledge but should achieve a common understanding at the end of the lessons. Time passes quickly, and we do not have time to get tired, although we get quite a lot of entirely new information.

It seems to me that such seminars should be held as often as possible, because life does not stand still, every day brings something new, including in education.

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