Introduction to e-school

April 10, 2020 | Category : News

A series of workshops to address EU best practice, and to promote a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of the use of technology in schools, will take place in the period April – July 2020. Administrators and teachers from pilot schools will learn more about electronic journals, e-portfolio, the use of electronic resources and new approaches to learning within a blended learning paradigm. As usual, the project implements learning in a hands-on, down-to-earth, and practical approach that encourages communication and collaboration. The objective of the workshops is to identify pragmatic solutions how best to capitalize on current conditions, preferences, and views when aligning to international standards. The participants will also discuss the requirements, stated in the newly adopted Law of Turkmenistan “On electronic document, electronic document management and digital services”. As a result, the team under the supervision of Key expert Radosveta Drakeva will draft a handbook “Introduction to e-school in Turkmenistan” that will incorporate advice, recommendation, and the view of EU-experts on managing change for the demanding transformation process of technology-enhanced learning.