Turkmenistan has launched a series of capacity-building workshops on E-commerce.

August 24, 2020 | Category : News
A series of capacity-building workshops on E-Commerce was launched in Turkmenistan.
On August 10, within the framework of the EU project “Support to the Education System of Turkmenistan”, a series of seminars on capacity-building in e-commerce for small and medium enterprises started.
This project was created to assist in the implementation of the Concept of Digital Education Development in Turkmenistan.
The seminars are held with the participation of specialists of the national company “Akylly Tilsimat” and will last till the end of August.
More than 40 representatives of small and medium business, as well as teachers of vocational educational institutions of Turkmenistan with a basic level of ICT competence, are involved in the event.
Ilya Petrushkov, one of the trainers and CTO of Akylly Tilsimat Company, notes: “The growth of activity in the field of online trade has been observed all over the world since the mid-90s. Recently, the concept of “online shops” has become more and more popular in Turkmenistan. Participation in e-business has many advantages. Online trade allows you to manage your business on an international scale, twenty-four hours and apply personalized marketing. And this is only part of the benefits of doing business over the Internet.”
Participants of the seminar got acquainted not only with such ready-made trading platforms as eBay, AliExpress, Yandex Market and others but also got an idea in practice how to use CMS, Bitrix24, WIX b, etc., how to create and develop your business in the network.
Feedback from participants:
Sazakov Murad, entrepreneur, a consultant on technical issues, Ashgabat:
– I graduated from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, returned to Ashgabat and started working in the public sector. When I decided to start my own business, I realized that I lack information. Fortunately, I found out about the seminar. During the lessons, I learned a lot of new issues for myself that I would like to apply in practice. Trainers share in-depth insights on how to start an e-commerce business, in particular, how to create your online store. I think that such seminars should be held more often because young people need direction and knowledge. 
Izzatova Irina, entrepreneur, Ashgabat:
– It is my first time at such an event, and I am interested in everything. In partnership with my Turkish colleagues, I opened a furniture workshop. At present, there are not many customers, so I decided to open an online shop as well, so to speak, to expand the space. I used to design, and model furniture and I think I will be able to create my website that will attract customers’ attention. I have two children who need a lot of attention, so the online store will allow me to spend more time with children. Such courses should be held as often as possible. There will be a lot of interested people, especially among the young. 
Dorodneva Svetlana, a housewife in Ashgabat:
– I have a small child, and currently, I am engaged only in being a housewife. I am a pastry chef by profession, but recently I learned the technique of knitting with a hook, and I like it very much. My friends and neighbours are happy to buy my handicrafts, but the market is too small for me. The first time I went to such a class, I immediately realized how much I had missed before. New knowledge opens up new opportunities. I began to think in a new way, how to present their products to consumers, open your online store. Coaches are good at giving material, answer questions in great detail; it’s nice to communicate with them during coffee breaks. You feel their support and understanding of our interest. I want to continue participating in such events.
For the intensive introduction of digital information technologies in our country, it is necessary to adapt the existing methods of training specialists to the requirements of time: the introduction of some innovations into the educational process.
The third EU educational project in Turkmenistan “Assistance to the education system of Turkmenistan” continues to support the Government of Turkmenistan in creating a modern education system that meets international educational standards and the demand of the labour market.
The project’s activity period is 48 months, from October 2016 to September 2020. The two components include over 30 activities ranging from capacity building to platform development, from curriculum renewal to career guidance.
More information about the activities can be found on the project website.