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Final conference of the EU project

Support to the Education system in Turkmenistan, 2016 — 2020

(Contract No ACA/2016/376-657)

What has been achieved: lessons learnt and recommendation drafted

on December 2nd

at 13.00 Ashgabat Time (10.00 am CET, Brussels time zone + 01:00)

Zoom Meeting 
Meeting ID: 873 0954 4839

We will address the following issues:

  • reflect on the experience gained during the four-years and third EU education project 
  • present selected interventions, experience, and achievements 
  • discuss lesson learnt to make the education system fit to purpose and challenges 
  • brainstorm recommendations within the framework of the EU Central Asia strategy.

Draft Agenda

2 December 2020, 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Hotel “Yieldyz”, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Moderator:        Bayram Bashimov, Chairperson of the Project Steering Committee,
                                Director National Institute of Education of Turkmenistan 


Welcome coffee


13:00National Institute of Education of TurkmenistanBayram Bashimov
Chairpersons of the PSC
Framing the debate: what did we learn, what should we consider?
13:10Delegation of the European Union to TurkmenistanDiego Ruiz Alonso
Head of the Delegation
Education modernization as a pillar of EU-Turkmen cooperation
13:20Delegation of the European Union to KazakhstanSilvia Pietropaolo
Senior project manager
Contributing to education modernisation: eight years of experience
13:30European ProfilesDimitris Bakolas PresidentSuccess criteria for implementing EU projects in Central Asia
13.40Ministry of Education of TurkmenistanThe representativeInternational cooperation in Turkmenistan’s education reform efforts
13:50EU ProjectStefan Siewert
Team leader
The project’s Terms of Reference: what has and what has not been achieved?
Hand-over ceremony for a SCORM compatible package of 82 online courses
on using and adopting best EU practise in skills development to Turkmenistan

Discussing results and formulating a way ahead
14:00Coffee break
14:15Radosveta Drakeva
Key expert
Shohrat Halliyev
Short-term Non-Key expert
Further education, the Learning Management System “Moodle”, and online course development: what has been done, what has been achieved.
14:25Linards Deidulis
Key expert
Dita Traidas
Short-term Non-Key expert
Possibilities for promoting EU – Turkmen cooperation in TVET
14:35Dimitri Vassiliou
Key expert
EU trends in labour market policies and recent developments in Turkmenistan
14:45Vaclav Klenha
Team Leader EU Project[1]
Lessons learnt from previous education projects in Turkmenistan.
14:55Professor Georgios Pavlidis

Baysahet Aliev
Short-term Non-Key experts

Digital skills development of TVET teachers: reflection and challenges
15:05Marine Ghazaryan, PhD
Short-term Non-Key expert
Guzel Gadjiagayeva
Construction College
Introducing International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS): achievements and remaining tasks


15:15Daniel Klee, PhD
Short-term Non-Key expert
Iskander Sultanmuradov
Agricultural College
Aligning skills demand and provision in poultry food: a lighthouse project for cooperation with the private sector
15:25Baiba Ramina
Short-term Non-Key expert
Quality Assurance System in Higher Education: A proposal, based on the experience of EU accession states.
15:35Touchmurad Jumayev, Short-term Non-Key expertModernising education standards in higher education: trends in EU and Turkmenistan
15:45Christian Wagner
Short-term Non-Key expert
Policy dialogue in Central Asia: recommendation for Turkmenistan
15:55The representativeEcological education for Turkmenistan’s textile industry: achievements and lessons learnt
16:05Nariman Kurbanov
Ilya Petrushkov
Short-term Non-Key experts
Digital Capacity development for SME
16:15Ogulsona Annamuradova
Short-term Non-Key expert
Introducing a career guidance system in Turkmenistan
16:25Ayna Chorekliyeva Erasmus+ expert 

Maral Abaeva
Short-term Non-Key expert

Promoting active learning methods: adapting Kazakh experience to Turkmenistan’s context


16.35Silvia Pietropaolo
Senior project manager 
Delegation of the European Union to Kazakhstan
16.40N.N., tbcMinistry of Education of Turkmenistan
16.50Bayram Bashimov
Chairpersons of the PSC
National Institute of Education of Turkmenistan

 [1] EU project in Turkmenistan (2011 – 2013): «Further improvement of quality and relevance of professional education system“, “Support to the modernisation of the education and training system in Turkmenistan.”